Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Living in Tucson, Back to California

I thought I could do it - withstand the intense summer heat in Tucson.  NOT.  I rented a room in Christina's house and because of her cooling system I was fine as long as I stayed inside.  To keep busy I began a series of paintings to raise people's frequencies.  So far, it works.  Everyone I've showed them to has smiled and I could feel their frequencies rising.  I went on the internet and found bits and pieces of the images then made up the rest.  None of them are done, they all have lots of little details that need to be finished, but I'm showing them anyway.  Enjoy.

Christina, above, standing in her kitchen.  Behind her is one of her daughter's paintings.  Below, the gang: Robyn, Mark, Judy, Jeff, Christina, and Vivian.  Playing dominos, eating, music, talking, fireworks, and just hanging out together.  It was nice to be included in their activities.

I hadn't played dominos since I was very young. It was fun.  I used to play lots of games (Scrabble, chess, bridge, rummy, etc), this made me realize that I hadn't played a game in many years.  It looks pretty intense but everyone is just trying to find numbers that match.

Christina has a beautiful, peaceful garden, with a toadstool fountain and Buddha.  She recently had to have three of her trees cut down when they died of a strange fungus disease.  Trees are rare in Tucson.  I often would sit outside after my morning hike and witnessed many dove love rituals in the peace of the mornings before the heat descended.  (I have some video of them  - must download it).

I've walked past many a cacti and this is the only one I saw that had grown naturally into a heart.

Sunrise on my morning hike and sunset that night.

Party at Robyn's house - Mark's salad.

Christina's granddaughters and a visiting friend with one of the lizards they'd caught.

Below, this is one of the many lizards that hung out under my window.

Night time - geckos sitting on the back-lit windows by the door just waiting for unsuspecting bugs to fly at them.  I thought this was so clever.

Below is the only video I shot during the 3 months I lived in Tucson.  They were turning a little road into a 5 lane road at the end of our street.  Their energy reminded me of the ants I'd videoed at Terrasante so I shot them working and combined the videos into:  Men at Work.   Did you know that ants use tools?  Check these ants out.

The heat finally got to me.  I'd spent almost two months sitting in my room - painting, reading, working on projects, but I was slowly going crazy with staying indoors and cool.  I did hike a couple of miles most mornings but it just wasn't enough.  I was totally tired of 100+ degree weather.  So I called my sister and warned her that I would be driving through.  I ended up staying for a week with her in Hermosa Beach before I headed out for Santa Cruz.  The only photos I shot were at Janice's garden but I did make this little video of Sunday morning at Hermosa Beach.


I arrived at Fran's house in Santa Cruz and found that 3 other refugees had moved in and were working on crafts with Fran.  Below, Pat, came to be with her daughter when she gave birth, but needed a place to crash until the event happened.  She spent the week gluing Fran's collection of broken glass beads to a cow skull she'd bought at a yard sale.  Below that is Fran working on one of her clay projects.  It was a very crafty weekend, then they all left.

Below is the fetish box I made for Fran.  She gave me the antique feet years ago and it wasn't until I acquired this box that I knew what I was going to do with them.  This box has many hours of fetish energy, from the inside calcite layer to the outside copper nails.  Fran's totem animal is the crow.