Friday, November 23, 2012

Ascending in Crestone

Above, an interview with Linde and Litto about their book Unknown Patagonia filled with spectacular photographs by Linde that has helped save this endangered region of Chile.  They split their time between their home here in Crestone and the one in Patagonia. 

 This is the first of twelve videos shot at a workshop held here in Crestone.  If  you want see the other eleven videos you have to go to my Youtube site - just go to Youtube and type in my name to get there.

Above are three naked ladies, actually one is a mermaid that a woman in town has ordered.  They are in various states of undone because I began working on my barter book. I quartered a 6 foot tall pine log to get these ladies and have one more hunk of the log left.  Below, FINALLY!!! I have been working on my Barter Book and I should have a first draft done by the end of the year.  I've been searching the internet and have found tons of barter stories, but no one has bartered as much as I have.

The books, below, are two from my Facebook series.  The others are human profiles, but pet profiles are fun to do too.  The top one is of Rowan, who recently passed on, and the other is of a friend in Mt. Shasta's little buddy.  I've decided to teach people how to make these books and am sending out offers to woodcarving clubs.

Here it is, the cabin I'm presently living in.  It was built in the 1930's, has no insulation, is very cold, but, it's situated in a beautiful place and I'm getting a lot of work done on various projects.

My only heating is this huge stove with a tiny firebox that takes up most of the space in the cabin.  Behind it I've set up a table I found by the side of the road that I cleaned up and it's where I work.

Below are pictures I shot in my back yard, the reason I moved here.  It has the highest energy of any place I've been to Crestone.

This is Honey who comes around for hand outs almost every day.  She has two little babies.  They have become so tame I can walk right up to them to take them food.

There are several cabins on this property, all built by the original family who built my cabin.  As their sons grew up they each built one for themselves.

 Below, UFO about a foot in diameter, that the deer ended up eating.

View from the window over my bed.

The creek that runs by my cabin.

Mom parked her baby in the toy box at the local Freebox while she was looking for baby clothes and I couldn't resist taking this shot.

Chanting at the Ashram during a full moon ceremony.

Walking home from town.

Below, downtown Crestone.

Now I'm living in a place where there's too many trees and I can't see the sky so much, but here are some of  the shots I got before I moved.

My poor truck, below, had the rear window pushed in and I couldn't figure out who.  Then the evidence started to pile up.  The bears, leaving their souvenirs (poop) everywhere, everyone always having to shovel up the garbage left strewn around, not to mention the many other vehicles I've seen missing windows - it's the bears.

Bear poop is very distinctive, always filled with undigested berries and in this case crab apples.

A friend from Cincinnati called me and told me she's renting a place from a friend from January thru March  in Mesa, AZ and has invited me to visit. I've been wanting to go back down to Tucson to do some more land art pieces, so in January I'm out of here.  There are two large dowsing groups in Mesa and Tucson, so I'm hoping to get a lot of video interviews for the documentary I'm working on about dowsing.