Monday, October 29, 2007

Wending My Way North to Jacksonville, Oregon

I returned to Santa Cruz to do two carvings for Mike, above. Unfortunately, the biggest commission was for a large redwood trunk to be turned into an Ardchangel Michael to guard his front gate. It, after two days of carving, turned out to be totally rotten. That's the second time I've lost a commission in the Santa Cruz Mountains to rotten trees. But, I did finish the carving of the young girl, above, who is going to sit on top of a 14 foot tall redwood stump (covered with ivy) inside of which Mike's mom's ashes will be resting in it's urn. I decided to head north early and am spending this week visiting with Laura, David and the gang up here in Mendocino. I'm turning 60 tomorrow (Halloween Eve) so this week I'm just hanging with friends before I move on to jacksonville. Laura's friends, Hope and Randy, have made a documentary about Orbs that was supposed to be shown this weekend at a big Orb conference (which got cancelled because of all the big fires burning down in So. California), so we've been going out and shooting orb pictures every night (below). The top photo has the brightest Orb I've photogaphed so far and it seems to be moving. Click on the picture to blow it up larger. Laura and Nahdav are acting silly to attract the Orbs which seem to have a fascination for happy people. In the second photo the Orbs are lighter and seem to be swarming around David.

Here are a few shots of Laura's garden.

I've had two wonderful birthday parties so far. I think my 60th is the best yet. Fran, Patti and Carol took me to a nice restuarant in downtown Santa Cruz, then gave me a shopping bag filled with gifts. Patti's brother Tom gave me an umbrella because I'm moving to the Northwest - hah. Today we had a birthday lunch, with cakes and friends coming over and all. Dennis played the guitar (he's very good).
Tonight we go to a Japanese restuarant everyone likes. Getting old is not so bad.

Today I had my annual birthday portrait shot and here it is.


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