Monday, May 14, 2007

Southern California Roaming

I'm back from my 10 day trial run at traveling in my truck and visiting friends in Southern California and have decided to get rid of most of the stuff I took with me so I don't have to worry about it. Above are my friends Cindy and Paul who live in Big Bear Lake. Cindy is a wonderful reflexologist. I had a session with her and for several days afterwards I could feel every thread in my socks when I walked. I was blissed out by the experience - to me it's the most healing thing there is. I'd been having trouble with a sore heal when hiking and it helped. Paul makes amazing furniture and I shot lots of video footage of him describing it for a future documentary project. Check out his work on his web site:

Next, I headed down to Los Angeles and stayed at my friend Suzy's beautiful place in Echo Park for the week. Suzy and I went hiking in Elysian Park every morning, I got to visit with several old friends I hadn't seen in ages, sold two sculptures to Debrah, Suzy's next door neighbor (below) and spent my last day editing together a shortened version of a video I made on how to carve a horse because Debrah bought that piece too and I wanted to make sure I had everything before I parted with it. There was a big fire in Griffith Park - usually fires start in the fall but things are already too dry. I left my truck's sunroof open the first night and in the morning when I opened the door a big pile of white ashes whooshed out all over me. Constant sirens, helicopters, smoke, 90 degree+ heat, killer traffic. Luckily Suzi's place was very cool and serene. I would run around seeing people in the mornings and come back to siesta in the afternoons or sit outside in her garden (once they got the fire under control). Suzy and her housemate Donna both are digital artists, working for the big studios creating strange effects on screen. Suzy is also a very good painter. Check out her work at - Donna creates digital astrological work you can see at:

I was just going to drive through Ojai on my way up the coast but my old roommate Debbie's name popped into my head - we shared an apartment in 1987 in Los Angeles when she was just starting out as a chiropractor. So, when I stopped there for lunch I called her and ended up having a great weekend. That evening I joined her and her musical brother Sreve and friend Allen when they jammed together (two violins, a flute and me humming along). The next day I spent time with her delightful son Jesse photographing their property which her husband Rick has turned into something very special, then Debbie and I went to a remote canyon and went on a hike. Before we went on the hike she insisted I get an adjustment for my foot - and the pain I'd had in two toes onto which I'd dropped a log years ago went away - it itched like mad the whole next day - but the pain is still gone. That really impressed me. Evidently I'd had scar tissue or something causing the pain and she loosened it up. Now my feet are really ready for walking again. That night we went to a party where a local band (Myridian) showed us their stuff. A great weekend and a very successful trip. Below are some photos: Debbie on the hike, dandelion fluff, a moth on a thistle, Debbie's garden, son Jesse with dog Brody, and their garage with guest house on top. Flowers were everywhere I looked.