Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back in Santa Cruz

Leaving Menodcino County was one of the hardest things I ever did. But, I've been offered a carving job in the Santa Cruz mountains, as well as a place to live, so here I am back in Santa Cruz.
Above is the last carving job I did, for Helen and Pete, out of a tree that had been killed by a bark beetle infestation. Chico and Annie, named after their two horses, will guard their patio doors in their newly remodeled home. Below is Helen with the horses on their way to taking them home.

Thank you Laura for letting me live in your beautiful cabin where I created so much art. It was the most productive 10 months of my life.
Laura taught me to appreciate photographing flowers. Her garden reflects her intense love of flowers and when you look for Laura on the property she is often found watering, photographing, or just enjoying her garden.

David taught me about the mountains and supported me in many ways so I was thrilled to be able to teach him something. His first attempt at carving is the wizard over his right shoulder and took him about two hours to create.

Before I left we had a birthday dinner and David baked us homemade apple pies with apples from his tree. A friend of Laura's, Nadav, who was visiting, turned out to have the same birthday as mine, only I was born exactly thirty years (29/59) before he was. Scary. Anyway, I took his birthday photo and my friend Fran took my birthday picture (I'm doing a resting yoga thing) and I don't think I look that much older!

This will give you a hint of some of the projects I'm working on now. The paintings are flowing out of me, as if I have something to say but words can't do the job. The carving is the first of a series of naked goddesses I'm carving. So there will be lots of new work to be seen in the next blog. While waiting to start my new project here in Santa Cruz I've been hiking along the beaches and here are a few of the photos I've taken. The rock formations are amazing.

The tide is in.

Tide is out.


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