Monday, February 28, 2011

Ram Dass, new friends, Saturday markets, and kids on Maui

When I heard that Ram Dass was going to speak at a Sunday afternoon spiritual get-together where a buffet of Indian food was part of the deal (suggested $20.00 donation), I knew I had to go. Ram Dass, in the center, has had a stroke but was still able to tell us about his life and meeting Timothy Leary. I'd forgotten that he was a friend of Mr. Leary. Years ago I met Timothy Leary in Los Angeles when I took a workshop he was giving. Later, a writer friend hired me to take his photograph for an article she'd written about him and I had to go to his home for the shoot. Below are some photos I shot Sunday. A funny story, I had no way to get home except the bus, but it was over an hour wait so I decided to hitch hike to Makawao. Three cars passed me and I was losing my nerve when a fourth vehicle pulled over. Kathryn turned out to be a Waldorf teacher - I only seem to meet Waldorf teachers here, it's so weird. She ended up taking me all the way home and met Deborah (a Waldorf teacher) for the first time. Small world but they hadn't met until now. Another coincidence is that Kathryn recommended Deb's pre-school to a friend with a three year old and that friend just called as I was typing this.

I haven't had time to be creative but I used a bit of left over, junk wood to make another "Facebook", this time using Lobo, my dog friend here, as my model.

Maha had her birthday on the 22nd so I made her a special manifestation necklace. I spent the day at a beach looking for a special piece of coral. When I found the piece that looked exactly like a heart I knew I'd gotten what I needed. I added crystal beads to make it a one of a kind necklace. Below, Maha had some of her friends over for a birthday party where we ate good food.

Every Saturday we go to the Saturday market where we can get organic produce. They sell giant avocados and grapefruit, macadamia nuts, strange looking flowers and lots of things I don't recognize.

A day at the beach in Paia.

I met Adele, below, while we were waiting for the bus. When I saw her violin case I asked her if she would play for me - and she did. A wonderful way to say goodbye to the beach. We sat beside each other on the way to the next stop, which was the airport. Adele had come to Maui to play for an event, then had stayed on with friends. She owns a home on the big island of Hawaii, about 12 miles away from the lava flows. We discovered that we both had been system analysts in Southern California. So many coincidences. One of the best things about traveling is the instant friendships that materialize along the way. She got off at the airport to fly back to the big island, while I waited for the next bus to take me home.

More shots of the kids. I spend four days a week with them so it's hard not to photograph them. From time to time they insist on climbing a small tree in the back yard. I decided to teach them how to climb safely and hold on. They are surprisingly strong. Below are some pictures of my "Monkeys".

My contribution artistically is a pair of "outdoor" horses the kids can ride, below. They've been road tested by some of them all ready.

More photos of the kids using the magnifying lens they play with.

While waiting in the car for Deb I was able to shoot a self portrait using the vanity mirror on the sun shield.

Beautiful sunsets guaranteed almost every night.

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