Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eunique Eugene - Saturday Market

Last Saturday I gave Genevieve a lift to the Saturday Market. I'd been to it before, but early in the morning when it opened. This was the first time I'd seen and heard the REAL Saturday Market. The drums could be heard two blocks away. Drummers come and go all day, keeping up the deep, rhythmic vibrations that pierced my body and went on for hours into the night (I'm told). The vendors are only allowed to sell things that they had made or grown themselves. Whether it be felt boots, mushrooms, honey, vegetables, tie-dye cloths, and any kind of craft you can think of, it's sold. Musicians stand around on the street corners surrounding the stalls, busking for money. The food area next to the stage is where local bands entertain people as they eat. I didn't have my camera with me last week so today returned and spent an hour at the Market shooting anything and anybody I ran into. At the bottom of this blog is a small video of the raising of a teepee that I shot at a Rainbow gathering in town. I'm beginning to love hippies. Welcome to Eugene.

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