Tuesday, September 09, 2008

California Summer

My summer began in May when I moved to Happy Camp, California, a town of about 1,100 people nestled in the Siskiyou Mountains on the Western Oregon border. I had a video camera and a dream of producing my first documentary. I spent two months shooting and carving. Below are the first two small videos I've put together. I'm also working on a PR video for Quail Hollow Ranch Park in the Santa Monica Mountains, near where I'm presently living. My goal is to build up my porfolio and get lots of practice while I'm editing the bigger piece together. Check it out:

This next video is of my favorite artist in Happy Camp, Gail McDowell who creates funerary vessels out of willow branches and lichen. She's a Burning Man afficianado, which reminds me I should call to find out how it all went.

My book is up and out in the universe. Check out my book site:
I've been getting great feedback from people. Now I'm going to focus on marketing it.

I'm housesitting for Fran and Patti - Patti's dad has been ill so she's spending all her time with him. I pretty much just stay here and take care of the house and work on my art, edit my videos and write, but on Sunday Fran took Patti and me to the Frida Khalo exhibition at the San Francisco MOMA. Very stimulating. Patti bought the catalogue of the show for me as an early birthday present and now I've pulled out all my unfinished paintings. My goal is to finish all 9 of them before Christmas. It was another book about Frida's paintings that motivated me to start my paintings in the first place


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