Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Video Time

I've finally finished my first three 90 second artist profile videos. While traveling around the West Coast last year I got to meet and shoot some video of three artists whose work I found a breath of fresh air. Below is my link to YouTube where you can see Paul McMillan's elegant organic furniture, Laurel Skye's amazing mosaics, and Elaine Frenett's beautiful watercolor paintings and journals. Click twice on the image to activate them. They are all around 90 seconds long.

The learning curve has been steep, and painful at times, because I had no one I could ask technical questions of about the editing software, the equipment (camera, computer, mic, lights, etc.), the procedures for uploading things and what formats to use. But I was wrong. What happened was I would go to bed thinking about the problem and wake up in the morning with an answer that would get me through that stage, until the next "new thing".

I've decided to do a whole series on the cool artists I've been meeting and hone my skills while doing it. I asked all the artists, above, the same few questions. What made them start doing what they do, how does their work make them feel, and how does it connect them to other people? I want to thank Anne in Spokane, a professional television videographer who spent a day with me teaching me about sequencing and other things I have to learn. Thank you, thank you.


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