Sunday, April 11, 2010

Manifesting a home in Eugene's Mothership

Well, I did it. I found a place to live where I think I will be able to stay for a long time. Last New Year's Eve I had a manifestation ritual and wrote down what I expected from this year: "I will be living with vegans and learn how to eat correctly. I will be surrounded by happy, loving, intelligent, creative, spiritual people - people that I can learn from. I have a large room in a roomy, sunny house and my desk overlooks a beautiful garden and trees. The people in this house will be into making music." It took me a week but as soon as I met Omni and David, the owners of this beautiful house, I knew that I was being offered exactly what I'd asked for. David and Omni have a band. You can check out some of their work at Both David and Omni are fanatic health food people, just exactly what I was looking for. I've been a cheese sandwich vegetarian for too long. Since Thanksgiving I've been trying to turn over a new leaf (haha) but not very successful doing it alone. I'm finally in a community situation where we all share the food, and it is wonderful.

This has been a scary time in my life. The good thing about being a caretaker is that you get a free place to live - but the loneliness finally got to me. I became totally burned out on living alone in remote places, the fate of a caretaker. Now that I'm back in the real world I'll have to hustle a little bit for money, but thanks to Social Security I'm 90 percent covered. Anyway, I lucked out and found my home at the first place I called. I've been running on my intuition and it's been pretty good so far. Above, the house is made up of two giant yurts built in wood by the Oregon Yurt Co., about 40 feet in diameter and connected by a normal house. It was obviously built by someone rich and no expense was spared. Now David and Omni rent out 5 of the extra bedrooms to other "hippies" who are vegan/raw foodists, on a spiritual path, and enjoy music. The house is called the Mothership Sanctuary - a perfect name. It's easy to have lots of roommates in a house this large.

Below, Omni whipping up dinner. A weaver, the walls are covered with her brightly colored work. She is now making felt boots. I watched her do part (a small part) of the process and at that point the boots looked like they would fit an elephant but two days later Nanda, the boot owner, came to show them off to me and they were amazing. The hand work was beautiful and the bottoms are water proof because she seals them in a natural latex. Omni is a singer and percussionist in the band.

David making a liquid salad. David plays the guitar in the band. Check them out at .

Vegan, Organic, Delicious food. I can't tell you how delicious this meal was. Omni wrapped slightly steamed beet leaves around cooked chunks of potatoes and avocado. She also made a vegan gravy to pour over it. It was delicious. We drank our salad in liquid form and it was so good. This is the first time in a long long time that I've had food like this. Only organic food is allowed in the kitchen.

Music room. Where the band practices twice a week. I get to be the audience and sing along (with no mic it doesn't matter).

Meditation room. This is a comphy little cottage - if anyone feels like getting away from it all, this is the place. There is also a cabin and greenhouse which they built.

Road by the house. A good place to hike and mountain bike. I don't bike up mountains but I've passed quite a few other people with high aspirations.

Omni in the kitchen. The kitchen is huge and a good place for everyone to hang out when schedules allow.

Chaco the puppy.


At 9:33 AM , Blogger Colin Jury said...

Chako - "the Puppy" is now the size of a small horse and one of the strongest and gentlest sweethearts you could ever meet. As a new addition to "The Mothership" I am basking in Vegan heaven. Recording my new album here and loving every minute.
Colin 'Kula' Jury.


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