Friday, February 18, 2011

German Television in Maui

When Deb picked the carrot she asked me to photograph it and I asked Skye to pretend to eat it. Later on we found it gnawed halfway down and Deb eventually cut the rest of it up for a soup she was making. Above and below are a few shots of the kids.

Lorenzo is a future Latin lover - a really sweet lovable cutie-pie.

Dalia, below, spoke no English her first week at school and now is becoming fluent, asking me things like, "What are you doing?"

One day the kids were playing with a magnifying lens and I took their portraits with it.

We had some excitement at the pre-school yesterday. Dalia's mom, Daniela, is from Germany and a friend of hers kept telling her she should get on the hit reality show called Goodbye Deutschland. They had been planning to go to Maui to stay with friends and one sleepless night she went on the computer to check out the web site of the show and saw an ad to get people on the show. It was 4:30 in the morning, but for the heck of it she sent them some pictures of her family, then went back to bed. The next morning the phone rang at 8:30 - it was the Goodbye Deutschland people. It didn't hurt that she's an ex model and very beautiful. The show sends people out to visit every month or so and this time they wanted to shoot Dalia at her pre-school. I decided to document the German camera crew's visit.

One day I decided to try out the bus system on Maui. For $2 you can get an all day pass, something only the locals know about. I ended up at a tourist area, Lahaina, where this amazing Banyan tree and lots of its attached babies are growing.

The view of Haleakala from Deb's back deck.

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