Friday, June 18, 2010

Buddha, Slugs, Squirrels and Hiking

Above, the Buddha I carved during the rain. Over a period of three weeks, whenever the rain stopped I'd run outside and quickly carve something. Usually I'd have half an hour, but it eventually got done. The Hamsa (below) I carved for David's mom, Alice - it hangs over her front door. This I could work on inside.

Krisashwa and I hiked up to Spencer Butte again. This time we climbed to the very top of the rocks and discovered a local inhabitant who totally blends into the surrounding stones. Krisashwa tricked the squirrel by pretending to have food and I had fun photographing him. Next time I'm carrying squirrel food up. What a poser.

On the way down we almost stepped on this slug.

Krisashwa invited me to see her dance recital at the college where I shot lots of blurred movement photos.

Downtown Sculpture

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