Saturday, November 12, 2011

From Mendocino to Spiritual Mt. Shasta

I have a backlog of video that I need to edit and work on but here are a few to get things started. Above are the covers and all my Gaia art work - photos, carvings, paintings and shrines - from 1970 to present, representing about 30% of my total body of work. The covers are carved out of mahogany and are 12"x12". I have to get the 100+ pages printed in color, double sided before I can bind it all together. Below is feeding time in the goldfish pond. A very calming meditative bit of video.

There's not much to do up in the mountains so I did a lot of hiking. The walks would be too long and boring if I just walked along with the video camera running so instead I used my little digital camera and just stopped every seven steps on the first two videos and every nine steps on the last one.

Below are a few other small experiments with stop-action.

Some photos from Mendocino.

Lizzy the Lizard who used to sun bathe next to me.

Happy and sad dollar plants.

Fungus among us - the same fungus one week apart. A little rain went a long way.

View out of my window.

I went to the ocean with David and Laura and since it was an artist's open studio tour day we visited several places, but my favorite was the lady who made sculpture out of concrete. She actually showed me how to do it and the following week I bought the concrete and coloring. I used some of it to make five heads that I found homes for in odd natural places to be discovered by unsuspecting people.

David carried a hunk of driftwood home from the beach that turned out to be redwood, so I carved it into a Buddha for him.

Mt. Shasta is famous for it's volcano, but it's also famous for it's amazing water. This is the headwaters of the Sacremento River and people come from far away to scoop it up. This is Karin my new friend in Mt. Shasta who spent a few days showing me around.

Below is the Sacremento River in Dunsmuir. We were looking for the water falls but couldn't find them. Next time.

My first day here I took this shot of Mt. Shasta from the road in front of my new home - I'm renting a room in a nice condo. I've been living in small cabins without kitchens and indoor plumbing so I decided to treat myself while I was here.

On 11-11-11 I went with a group of (new) friends up the mountain for a two hour ceremony. I thought I'd be cold but I ended up getting so engrossed in the rituals and meeting new people I never thought about it until I got close to the fire to make a wish and throw some cedar onto it.

Sunset from the road in front of where I live. I can't stop photographing the mountain. I shot some good UFO looking cloud ones today.

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