Monday, April 22, 2013

A Very Creative Visit to the Sonoran Desert

So I've been having fun painting.  Harmony and Health, one of the communities in the neighborhood had a big Bhakti Party and built a Sauna with amazing sound that looks like a giant tortoise.  To go with the theme of tortoises and spirals I painted these three goddesses I found riding tortoises on the internet.  Also painted 5 turtles and a large lizard to be used as signs and decoration.   The guy who had moved out of the space I'm using as a painting studio the previous year left a lot of plywood pieces behind and I decided to turn them all into art.

Below, my giant Earth Mother is 113 ft long.  She sits with her legs crossed on lotus blossoms, holding on to her belly, the Earth.  I colored the North and South Americas green with field paint, then ran out of money.  I'm now looking for a pilot to help me photograph her.  To get this photograph I stood on the edge of the Bowl, 35 feet high, plus my height.  I need an airplane, or a satellite.

The Tortoise Sauna still needs its head and legs.  There are also built-in places outside for 4 large drums to be inserted.  

Below, Bruce working on the tortoise shell.

Sign with a tortoise applied.

 Inside, the Sauna is an amazing sound resonator.  A hum can sound like the mother ship coming in.

 I've  up-loaded 12 videos to Youtube since I've been here, here are a few:

Victoria grows Moringa Trees, one of the most nutritious plants on earth.

Tomas, below, is one of the owners of Harmony and health.

I met Trish and Joe at the Tucson Dowser Society meeting at the beginning of Febraury.

Trish does a precision muscle testing session with Joe.

Just before Kaya headed back to Cincinnati we met at the BioSpere2 north of Tucson, where a group of people were sealed inside for two years, living sustainably on what they grew.  It was a very interesting tour.

Inside the Biospere they had four different environments.  Here is Kaya, below, on a ramp overlooking the jungle and the ocean.

I found this little guy drowning in my water bucket.  I tipped it over and spent 20 minutes giving him artificial respiration (not mouth to mouth) by rubbing his little back while he coughed and spit up and shivered in spasms.  Finally, he stood up and staggered away like a drunk.  The next day I think I saw him when one of the squirrels came near my door and I noticed that it was having a bad hair day.  All the others were sleek while this little guy was looking frizzy..


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