Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall in the Redwood Valley

In the warm weather visiting the ocean is a must.  We've been having perfect weather and taking advantage of it.  I've infected Laura with going to yard sales and thrift stores to pick up interesting stuff for our photo shoots.  We hit some really good yard sales in Fort Bragg yesterday.  Below are the latest paintings I've been working on for my child and animal series.  I have 15 paintings in my storage unit and several more that need finishing.  Enough to exhibit, I think.

These kitties, Piper (black and white) and Riley (gray), who formerly lived with their mom outside David's hotel in Happy Camp, have been relocated to the perfect home for kitties.  They are having a lot of fun and are getting past their starving stage.  They are very uplifting to watch and play with. 

Rocks dragged back from David's river property.  Made a little shrine using one of the painted goddess heads.   

I was sitting on the steps to Laura's front door and just took a series of shots.  It's so  beautiful.  My cabin is on the far left, and a shed.

Laura has a hammock and a bug free tent set up for hanging out.

Her house is overlooking a huge canyon filled with trees.

We've turned Laura's greenhouse into our photo studio because the plastic diffuses the light perfectly.  Laura's collection of yard sale stuff is evident.  Mine are packed in the boxes.  

Below, some of the beginning practice shoots.  We've decided to buy some high quality (expensive) fake flowers, especially for filler.  They look so real I have a hard time telling if they're real or not.  The flowers below are real.

In Happy Camp I used the 159 year old bare wood walls of David's hotel as the backdrop.  The head is the latest goddess face I'm making and the glass stuff is from yard sales in Happy Camp.  It needed color.


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